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MetaCityOnLine is a portal to trade associations and industrial, technical and scientific enterprises, as well as venture capital operations. MetacityOnLine synergizes and expedites the transfer of scientific discoveries into processes and products.

Much of this is arises from our location in northeast Ohio, which has experienced the decline in traditional mass market manufacturing during the rise of globalization. The response to this challenge, which really dates back four decades, is to develop new products and processes that play to the competitive advantages in the area. These advantages include extensive research capabilities, applications and engineering imagination, flexible approaches to manufacturing, and rapid distribution.

While the consciousness arose due to local circumstances, the impetus presses to national and global markets. Medical technology and Bio-technology have established models of technological growth. These have played out as famously in Maryland, North Carolina, as well as Ohio.

Nano-technology has acquired a parallel buzz over the last few years, but the challenge is always to select promising research for further development and commercialization. Indeed, its predecessor - "micro-technology" - still has unresolved issues. Classical fluid dynamics, for example, breaks down at around 3 microns. Thus, coating materials at such small scales remain problematic. Micro-electronic machines are still in only niche markets. is intended to accelerate product development and commercialization. It is not the only such portal, of course, but it adds its weight and our dedication to the resurgence of leadership in technological innovation and commercialization.








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Performance Elastomers Performance Elastomers
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Ohio Elastomers Augustine Scientific
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ASAP AutoFab ASAP AutoFab
JFP Technical Services JFP Technical Services
ASEC Capital Leasing ASEC Capital Leasing

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