Manual assembly operations with capabilities in electrical, electronic, mechanical, rubber, plastic and adhesive based processes by Chilson Manufacturing
Chison Manufacturing - assembly operations

How do we do it?


- Corporate Wide Thought and Applications Understanding.

- Our services are an integral part of out customers’ business and our fortunes are very often tied to theirs. As such we take responsibility to set standards as well as meet them.

- The failure of a sub-assembly, an unattractive point of purchase display, or an erroneous sample set – all impact our customers’ sales and growth.

- We strive to be the most conscientious vendor-partner in the business.

- Good management very often comes from listening to our dedicated employees. They constantly come to us with ideas to improve processes, fixtures, ergonomics, and inspection.

Chilson Manufacturing


Chilson Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in diverse manual assembly operations with capabilities in electrical, electronic, mechanical, rubber, plastic and adhesive based processes – serving market channels in retail and dealer sales; manufacturer’s representatives and specifiers; and industrial value added services. In particular, we provide services at a skill level above the traditional sheltered industries niche. When your production requirements call for high flexibility and responsiveness, Chilson Manufacturing stands ready to keep your operation humming along, meeting high quality and rapid turn around specifications and keeping costs and prices in line.

Featured Client:

Expertise: Rotational Molding is the most efficient way to produce large plastic products such as ocean going sea kayaks, secondary containment barrels and spill containment pallets. Since only the outside contour and wall can be finished in the molding process, these require supplemental fabrication to be made ready for the end user.

Customer: Tribal Kayaks
Product: Ocean Going Sea Kayaks
Services: Routing out cockpit and storage compartment, finish rout the cut-off for bulkhead, install trim seal, strapping, grommets, etc.

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Chilson Manufacturing Ohio

Chilson Manufacturing Ohio




Forming Forming
Forging Forging
Machining Machining
Casting Casting
Extrusion Extrusion
Fabrication Fabrication
Powder Metallurgy Powder Metallurgy
Rotational Molding Molding - Rotational
Recycling Recycling
Expanded Polystyrene Expanded Polystyrene
Injection Molding Injection Molding
Quality Control:
Quality Control Quality Control
Quality Control - ISO Quality Control - ISO
Quality Control - Calibration Quality Control - Calibration
Quality Control Failure Analysis Quality Control - Failure Analysis
Rubber Extrusion Rubber Extrusion
Rubber to Metal Molding - Pilot and short run Rubber to Metal Molding - Pilot and short run
Rubber Tooling and Process Equipment Rubber Tooling and Process Equipment
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Performance Elastomers Performance Elastomers
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Chilson Manufacturing Chilson Manufacturing
ASAP AutoFab ASAP AutoFab
JFP Technical Services JFP Technical Services
ASEC Capital Leasing ASEC Capital Leasing

Services Overview


- Assembly
- Third Party Inspection
- Analysis and Remediation
- POP (Point of Purchase)
- Packaging
- Shipping And Logistics


Market Channels Served


- Retail
- Dealer Sales
- Stocking Distributors
- ManufacturerÕs Representatives
- Applications Specifiers
- Industrial Supply Chain


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