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IEEE Cleveland Section 100th Anniversary Celebration!

Join us to celebrate the IEEE Cleveland Section 100th Anniversary - Friday, October 19th 2008. 6:00 PM

GE Nela Park
1975 Noble Road
Cleveland, OH 44112

Join us at GE Nela Park to celebrate this momentous celebration. The festivities will include:

a.. open bar
b.. full course beef or vegetarian dinner
c.. Distinguished speaker
d.. GE Plant Tour.

$25 per person for members and their guests

$15 per person for students and their guests



Institute of Electrical And Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


Website: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is a professional association formed in 1963, primarily to advance on electrical and electronic engineering and technology knowledge and applications. It was formed from the merger of AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers) and IRE (Institute of Radio Engineers), the former dating to 1884 and the latter, essentially an offshoot of the former to 1912. In common parlance it is referred to as I-triple-E.

The original concern of AIEE was to improve the practices of generation electricity and distributing it to street electric illumination networks. The commonality of the electrical systems lead is short order to the inclusion of telegraphy and telephony. In 1912, IRE split off to focus on the special issues of radio broadcasting and, with the advent of electronic tubes, became the default home for electronic engineers. The emergence of analog and then digital computing blurred the difference - "What do you call two devices that make digital calculations, one made with triodes one made with reed switches?" This led to increased and unnecessary competition; and finally to merger between the organizations.

Members of IEEE participate in geographically local "Sections"; specific technically topical national Societies; and Technical Councils addressing technical issues that transcend the Societies. Membership is open to students, associates and professionals demonstrating through course load, work or previous service to the advancement of IEEE objectives. In addition to developing the knowledge base and providing information to members through conferences and publications, IEEE has established industry standards, particularly related to communications. The earliest standard, IEEE-488, established protocols for interfacing between digital measurement instruments and personal computers to help improve data-base capabilities for test results. As with most other professional societies they have established bioengineering and nano-engineering societies.

Institute of Electrical And Electronics Engineers


Institute of Electrical And Electronics Engineers

IEEE Corporate Office
3 Park Avenue, 17th Floor
New York, N.Y.
10016-5997 USA

Phone: (212) 419-7900
Fax: (212) 752-4929

IEEE Customer Service: (800) 678-IEEE (4333)

IEEE Ohio Chapters Contact Information


IEEE Ohio Chapters Contact Information


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Contact: Dan Kessler
The Timken Company
1835 Dueber Ave SW
Mail Drop: GSP-25
Canton, Ohio 44706-0923

Phone: (330) 471-3475
Fax: (330) 471-5449

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