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Phoenix Tool Company is a corporation founded by Clark Fredenburg in 1948 – originally to provide mandrel rolls to the welded steel tube industry. Since then it has broadened its scope to encompass all types of roll form tooling. These include forming and turks head rolls, scarfing tools, cut-off dies and jaws, and tooling for secondary and specialty operations. The company is now in its third generation of family management with Eric Fredenburg presently serving as Chief Operating Officer. Under his leadership the company has shifted it’s core capabilities from conventional to CNC machining operations – a shift critical to serving a national and international market reaching as far as the European Economic Community and Turkey.

The Phoenix Tool Company market is conventionally considered a “mature industry”, yet the nature of the business requires each customer to be engaged individually. Part of their service is in assisting customers in the development as well as the final production of the tooling. This must be done with rigorous attention to confidentiality issues in order to protect customers’ proprietary processes. That almost all of this is done on an intuitive and handshake basis is an indication of their professional standing and integrity. Of course, no company would take the time to develop such a relationship if they didn’t have confidence in the actual product. Phoenix Tool Company balances the relationship and engineering capability with a technical focus on manufacturing tooling that installs right, runs right and calibrates right with a dead minimum of change over downtime.

The most troublesome aspect of the business has been mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs in the roll forming and tube industry. A strong reputation and familiarity with a customer’s objectives is hard earned. This is too easily lost in financially driven shakeups that deplete experienced professionals and their institutional memory.

Phoenix Tool recognizes that corporate vision will be critical to the survival and expansion of the industry. Part of this vision, however, must include a deep understanding of both the business cycle and the unique proprietary advantages of each mill – including the intellectual capital of the engineering, procurement and production people that make it work. Just like the manufacturing processes involved, you carefully form by the mile and precisely cut by the inch.


3599 Machinery & Equipment, Industrial & Commercial, NEC (Primary)
3542 Machine Tools: Forming
3544 Dies, Tools, Jigs, Fixtures & Industrial Molds
3545 Machine Tool Accessories
3547 Rolling Mill Machinery & Equipment


33271 Machine Shops (Primary)
333514 Special Die & Tool, Die Set, Jig & Fixture Mfg
333513 Machine Tool (Metal Forming Types) Mfg
333515 Cutting Tool & Machine Tool Accessory Mfg
333516 Rolling Mill Machinery & Equipment Mfg


For more information, contact:

Eric H. Fredenburg

Phoenix Tool Company
1351 Phoenix Road, NE
Warren, OH 44483

Phone: 330.372.4627
Fax: 330.372.5158

Phoenix Tool Company Contact Information

Phoenix Tool Contact Information




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